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Anu Nadimpalli

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Anu Nadimpalli is an artist, poet, author, creative entrepreneur, and Founder / CEO of 3am Inspirations. Anu prides herself in uplifting solopreneurs and wellness professionals by infusing Art as a captivating expression of their brand. She strongly believes in its transformational power and to date, she has had more than 5 years of successful entrepreneurial stories, using art in social media marketing, digital and physical products, sustainable fashion and much more.

Anu Nadimpalli´s journey started off in the field of design. With a diploma, a postgraduate degree and more than a decade of work experience as an interior and architectural designer, her career would have continued as such, just as so many other professionals like her. 

However, life had other plans in store

After a life-threatening episode at age 35, where, in an instant she ´fell into the abyss´, losing the only career that she ever knew, she started her steady climb up for the next ten years. She got herself an award-winning entrepreneurship mentor, taught herself photography, painting, entered and won competitions, participated in solo exhibitions with the fierce inner belief that ´everything will work out´ and always grateful to the undying support of her family and loved ones. She started expressing her calling through a unique artform that she created and coined:  



Almost immediately, she started receiving international recognition and awards in India, USA and Europe. She began working with interior designers and architects, this time as an artist, creating unique artful spaces that uplift and enhance their clients´ lives. 



For the first time in her life, she created designs on silk scarves, which continue to receive international success with buyers from around the world.

Her latest assignment in artistic fashion includes ¨Women Who Inspire Scarves¨: Exclusive artistic sustainable scarves focusing on women who have played a significant role in her own upliftment and those around the world. Today, she is the proud and humble ¨SME Climate Hub¨ ¨United Nations Race-To-Zero¨ accelerator.


Her latest creative assignment is a direct response to the current pandemic situation. It is all about ´Healing Art´. She started honing and owning up to a marketing technique that she invented for her friend and client at the time: a cancer coach. 

Anu primarily serves solopreneurs, wellness experts, coaches, mentors, healers, psychotherapists, etc. To date she has successfully helped uplift their brands via:

  • Social Media Marketing, specializing in her own creation, which she playfully coined: ¨Extraordinary Content Creation¨;

  • Helping develop their Coursework and Programs;

  • Co-creating their Books, Daily Journals, Self-Discovery Cards and

  • Anything and everything that helps them to reach their goals.

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Every person needs an Anu Nadimpalli in their team. When Anu and I started working together I had been searching for someone that could create visuals that would support my brand. What I didn’t yet know was that with Anu I would get so much more. Not only is Anu a fantastic intuitive artist in her own right but she is also is able to dove tail her images with her 3am Inspirational quotes that depict exactly what is required to share my message so elegantly.

Sherine Ann Lovegrove

Conscious Pregnancy Coach / Author

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 Designer Dresses



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