I must admit, I did not start off being a content creator for social media at all. So what made me make this paradigm shift and become an EXTRAORDINARY CONTENT CREATOR, especially for healers and other entrepreneurs like you? 


It was because I know exactly what it feels like, to be in Your clients´ shoes. I´ve been there! 

With firsthand experience for more than a decade with: 

- Severe chronic pain and inferiority complex

- Losing my first career to illness in the prime of my life at 35 years of age and 

- ´Falling into the abyss´ and taking that slow climb up.


I understand exactly how difficult it can be, especially, for us women, to ask for help 

I realize how we can struggle to seek help within ourselves. And finally, I know what it means to experience the power of healing.


At 3am Inspirations, we are constantly striving to be a bridge between you and: 

  • That woman who's had chronic pain for most of her life 

  • That woman who is struggling with severe inferiority complex and lack of self-worth and

  • That woman who is spiraling towards depression and does not know how to get out. 



  • Your clients to identify themselves with YOUR powerful message.

  • And come seek YOUR help, guidance, and coaching.

  • At the same time, WE HELP YOU to stand out from the crowd and get noticed.

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